Star Dust Frontier

Act 00
Welcome to the frontier

Ryden Having just arrived on planet quickly set out to accomplish the first stage of His mission, which is to acquire a salvagers license and search for lost Technologies to send back to his Home World. He quickly make his way to the Brezeain governmental complex, locating the B.S.A. or Brezeain Salvage Authority Pretty quickly based on directions given to him, but quickly became annoyed when he realized that this was going to be bureaucrat nightmare run by Robots.

After traveling for many months aboard the medium cargo ship Daedalus 8 Kaz have decided that it was time to be Planet side for a while and Haven’t heard from crew mates that this new frontier sector was rich with very lucrative opportunities, so when the Daedalus 8 landed at the Brexe City Space Port Kaz quickly said his goodbyes to his crewmates and captain. After a quick dialogue with a customs agent name Patricia kaz managed to get directions to local Cantina call “The Scrap Yard”. Upon entering the establishment Kaz announces to everyone present that “The Party has arrived” to which the patrons took notice but quickly went back to their drinks, A Kuman name Jaxs who happens to be the proprietor The Scrap Yard, offers Kaz a local beverage call Brezeain liquor. After discovering the distilling process for Brezeain liquor Kaz quickly decide never to imbibe the beverage again. After talking with Jaxs for a minute And hearing about the Brezeain tick, Kaz decided it would be best to head towards the Market District in order to purchase a Sonic repellent.

Having conquered the bureaucratic nightmare that is the B.S.A. Ryden decides it’s time to find housing for the night and something to eat. After asking around Ryden this directed to “The Scrap Yard” Upon entering he is greeted by Jaxs and is handed a menu and told to pick any Table, that a server Bot would be out shortly to take his order shortly. After perusing the menu Ryden decides on the Brezeain Salamander Steak and a glass of Brezeain oasis water. After Eating Ryden asks Jaxs what there was to do in Breze City, Jaxs list a few different things, but only The Arena catches Ryden’s attention asking where this arena is located Ryden headed that way.

After a short Trek through the city Kaz walk into the Market District which is a massive open-air Bazaar “One can find just about anything” or so they said. As Kaz is navigating his way through the bazaar he sees knickknacks, tech devices, produce, Livestock, arms and armor, and much much more. It takes a minute but eventually Kaz finds the stall he’s looking for “Shiba’s Sonic Repellent” Sitting behind counter is a young human with a slightly disgruntled look on his face. Kaz begins to inquire about the Sonic repellent young man asked if Kaz would like to see a demonstration, to which Kaz agreed. The young man remove a blanket from atop a glass case To reveal a small swarm of Brezeain Ticks, activating the device the young man sits it on top of the case, the Ticks desperately begin to attempt to escape the case and the range of the device. Kaz Agrees on the prize of 50 Credz , Then ask the young man what else there is to see in the city? The young man thinking for a second then remembering that Kaz had boasted how he was the best pilot in the galaxy ” as if he hasn’t heard that”, Decides to send him in the direction of the Breze City Raceway.

Ryden finds the arena relatively easily being that is the one of largest building Breze City, entering the lobby Ryden find a registration booth and is informed that either he could use a house weapon or have one specially constructed that he would not be able to use a standard weapons as they are not properly shielded to be non-lethal, Registration bot directions him to Jambit’s Arms One of the more reputable arms dealers in Breze City. Ryden makes his way over to Jambit’s Arms, Upon arrival Ryden meets The owner and proprietor one Jambit freemen After a short dialogue, Jambit Informs Ryden that the custom job will take a weeks and a material cost 300 credits, however he also informs Ryden that if he goes and scavengers the materials himself that the job will only cost a hundred credits. Ryden decides to put the new obtained scavengers license to good use, in order to do so he heads to the Salvagers Guild.


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