Galactic Standard Credit (GSC)
A standard of trade used throughout the Galaxy controlled, managed, and issued by the Galactic Banking Association. There are two types of Credits hard and soft. A hard credit is made up of a synthetic material that cannot be reproduced outside of the GBA. A soft credit is an electronic or virtual monetary standard used to transfer large amounts of funds, usually between companies or planetary governments, Soft Credits are backed up by Hard Credits.

Galactic Banking Association (GBA)
Handles all banking all the galactic community.Completely ran by robots and artificial intelligence. It is said that GBA is as old as the Galaxy itself.

Galactic Transit Authority (GTA)
The GTA maintains all Jump Gates and a great deal of orbital and deep space stations. the GBA the GTA is completely operated by robots and artificial intelligence. so long as The Operators and caretakers of these facilities do not consider you a threat to themselves or the facility the “biological” can do whatever they want to each other.

A small multifunctional personal computer usually worn on the wrist. Can be outfitted with aftermarket modifications to increase functionality. Is widely used throughout the Galaxy.

A land vehicle of some type, used to haul heavy loads.

Jet Racer
A land vehicle propelled by high output engine usually used in high-speed very competitive racing for the entertainment of the masses. (very deadly)

Shielded Weapon
A weapon specially designed to be non-lethal usually used in an arena or in duels.

Jump Sails
The device that maintains a bubble of normal space around a ship traveling through Subspace, usually attached to ship via deplorable arms or appendages of some sort.


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